Scenic Location of Wellness Center in Redondo Beach, Near Los Angeles International Airport

We are conveniently located about 20 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport in the beautiful town of Redondo Beach and we are excited to be part of this community. We are within walking distance to the beach and in a close proximity to a host of wonderful hotels and vacation rentals.

Preparing For Your Session

It is important to stay very hydrated before and after your session. EES scalar waves help to release toxins that are stored in the body. With proper hydration and a detox bath, you can flush out these toxins which help the body to perform better.
Another helpful preparation is to set work, worries, and mental concerns aside. Your EES session is a time and space for your body to leave the active beta brain wave state and enter the alpha or theta brain wave state where relaxation and healing occur. This further allows the body to perform healing activities and repair the body.

During Your Session

When you come into an EESystem session you will find a comfortable recliner. Once you get comfortable and close your eyes you will likely feel relaxed and calm and many people fall into a deep sleep or a deep meditative state.
Your intention is very important!

After Your Session

Detoxing after each session is important. Toxins have been released from organs and fat tissue into the bloodstream. Removing them with hydration and a hot bath filled with sea salt and baking soda will prevent your body from reabsorbing the toxins.

Innovative Energy Enhancement System in Wellness Setting
The UNIFYD Healing Network is a humanitarian initiative intended to bring the incredible EESystem technology to over 500 centers by 2025 while ensuring that it remains accessible and affordable to all.

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